Todd Carey in Concert at The Holiday Music Motel, Aug 9

“I am excited to announce a special show at the intimate and vibey performance space of The Holiday Music Motel,” says Todd Carey.

According to Todd, three BIG things are taking place as this concerts rolls up…

  1. He signed a record deal with Blaster Records!
  2. His single “Nintendo” will hit iTunes and digital release on August 20!
  3. His full length album comes out September 17!

He has been working on this album for 3 years, playing and perfecting the songs which you will certainly get to hear live at the Friday concert in Sturgeon Bay.

“Join me for 2 sets of original music on August 9 at the Holiday Motel. All ages welcome!”

Tickets are $10 each, only 40 available. Opening reception at 6:30 pm in the motel lobby.

Find out more at the Holiday Music Motel Website or call 920.743.5571 to reserve tickets.

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